measuring both the heart and the head

Human behaviour is a product of both emotion and reason, but the former has long been under-represented in polling techniques. We have developed methods that measure the heart as well as the head. We are particularly keen to explain and predict those behaviours that are the product of experience, emotion and external influence, as well as rational thought.


using the very latest techniques

As an independent start-up, and with a senior team that has racked up over six decades of research experience, we are not tied to one methodological approach. We are free to partner with the best and most innovative minds in the business, using the very latest techniques. Our only consideration is to find the best technical solution for our clients – whatever that may be.


bespoke rather than standardised

The research industry has plunged headlong into standardisation, harmonisation and productisation. Deltapoll is different. It is specifically set up to take an open-minded, bespoke approach to each client’s needs. By choosing which way to guide you along your research journey, we can ensure that you benefit from both the lowest costs while at the same time receiving the best solutions.


Political Polling

Deltapoll brings together a team with unparalleled experience of political polling. We have worked with a huge variety of clients from the world of politics including political parties, campaigns, candidates, think tanks and media organisations. We are using the latest techniques to develop statistical models that help to explain voting characteristics and behaviour.

Social and Public Sector Research

Deltapoll works with government departments, executive agencies, regional and local government to understand attitudes, evaluate the impact of policy, and measure performance.

Brand, Message and Campaign Evaluation

To be effective, there must be an emotional connection between a brand or organisation, its message and its target. Deltapoll pre-evaluates, refines, and optimises for maximum effect, and then measures effectiveness.

Qualitative Research

From the traditional focus group to high-end deliberative and co-creative solutions (and every qualitative tool in between) we harness the exploratory power of qualitative investigation to unearth or reinforce principles, opportunities and strategies.


Data-driven strategy should always trump personal instinct. Deltapoll’s data, and our data scientists, will deconstruct the evidence-base to ensure that clients benefit from expert strategic counsel in support of key decision-making.

Omnibus & International

Every week Deltapoll reaches thousands of people - and not only here in the UK, but anywhere in the world where research is possible. Our weekly nationally representative omnibus service provides a solution for clients wishing to conduct quick-fire research at its most cost effective. From £180 per question unit.